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Straight Forward 

"As an experienced Marketing Professional as I was before, I have observed Harold to be a professional with an immense potential for a successful career in Marketing, Research and/or Teaching. He possesses excellent inter-personal communications skills with his pleasant and polite disposition. His strong "customer-centric" relationship building skills, natural adaptive selling capabilities coupled with his impressive sales presentation techniques, are all hallmark of a successful professional marketer. Harold is also an experienced researcher and has sound research capabilities to deal with complex research areas and topics."

Health Insurance Broker at Collins Insurance

  • San Carlos City Council Member 

  • Former Mayor of San Carlos, CA - 2015-16

"Harold was an extremely hard working, energetic and talented business student. (He won the award for the best student in our department). He has the initiative, leadership and skills to be highly successful in any career he chooses to pursue. I unreservedly recommend Harold to any and all prospective employers"

Professor Kim Tan

"I have known Bill since 2003 and have always found him to be a very honest and straightforward person. He has demonstrated to me that he can overcome many difficult challenges in life. He is one of the hardest working and most intelligent people I have ever met, and one of the most determined...He is a good communicator, is organized and has definite goals in mind for his future."

Ronald Collins


Dr. Jason Ryan, Ph.D.