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Services we offer to Map Your Success

Property Management

Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property manager, Straight Forward Services solves your maintenance problems and repairs by finding the cause of the trouble, and eliminating excess repair costs.  We fix the stuff that breaks, right.  Visit the Property Management page to see a list of residential and commercial services we provide.

Marketing Plan

Driving traffic to your business requires a Marketing Plan similar to a map. Your business needs a map to direct your Mission, Brand, and Advertising in a successful direction; the direction your consumers are traveling when seeking your type of service or product.


Your Brand distinguishes you from your competitors; your brand is also what consumers say you are. Marketing makes sure that your Brand conveys the right image. Every element of your Brand is important and must be integrated.

Marketing Research

Every business decision must be backed by Research and tangible evidence. Instincts can be helpful, but Research is absolute. Your success can be predictable when paired with solid research.

Service Audit

How does your Customer Service rate? Have a comprehensive Service Audit to determine your service quality.  We utilize the industry standard SERVQUAL and RATER systems to analyze your customer service standards. When product differentiation is minor, customer service makes the distinction. Your business needs the best service in order to maintain its competitive edge.

Secret Shopper

There is no better way to evaluate your business than to arrange for a Secret Shopper who offers challenging situations to your front line employees, customer service agents, and guest service agents.  This is the best way to determine if your customer service training standards are being met.

Process Audit

A Process Audit helps to streamline service oriented businesses to ensure the best possible configuration to operate your business and give great service.  Elimination of bottlenecks or inefficient processes results in better customer satisfaction.

Technology Training & Consultation

Most businesses utilize the latest technologies; others lag behind or do not exploit the capabilities of their current technology usage.  Make sure that your staff is fully trained to use your technology to its fullest through Technology Training.

Social Media Management

Does your Social Media engage your consumers?  Many businesses use every form of Social Media, but many do not engage their audience with relevant content.  Proper use of selected Social Media platforms can drive awareness of your Brand and create new consumers for your business.  Incorrect usage of Social Media can drive away potential consumers.  Do your know the difference?

Web Marketing

Everyone has a web site. Some are overloaded with disorganized content. Some are pretty, but do not convey the right message.  Is your web site bringing customers to your business? What percentage? Your web site is a part of your Brand and it must convey that clearly. Your web site is your face to the world of consumers. Is your web site a "me too" or does it demonstrate "who" or "what" you are? Too many web sites are works of art or advertisements; yours needs to be an integrated part of your total Marketing Plan.